Home news University of Hertfordshire students' reindeer plan halted over complaints

University of Hertfordshire students' reindeer plan halted over complaints


A student union cancelled plans to have reindeer at its Christmas market after a petition by animal activist students.The festive event at the University of Hertfordshire was due to feature the live animal.More than 5,000 people signed the Animal Activism Society’s petition in support of a ban, as the Hertfordshire Mercury reported.Despite a “Reindeer Referendum” weighing against the ban, the reindeer was still dropped.The referendum received hundreds of votes, the union said.”We are genuinely committed to being student-led, and we, therefore, felt that because such a high number of our students asked us not to have the reindeer, and it was on this basis that the original debate was being had, it would be best to source an alternative form of entertainment at our Christmas Market,” the university said.The society had called on students to “help us to prevent the misery of these beautiful and gentle creatures”.”These animals are not commodities to be rented, owned, bought or sold,” it said.Following the vote, the UH Animal Activism Society said it was “completely overwhelmed” by the support.”Thank you for making this happen, and being a voice for the voiceless,” a statement said.Another petition has since been set up demanding the reindeer be rebooked. Richard Watson said deciding to go with the minority was “not only is this a waste of the voters and SU time, it also goes against the principle of democracy”.
Source: BBC Beds