Home news Police warning over Irish bowls on Welham Green road

Police warning over Irish bowls on Welham Green road


People are risking their lives by playing Irish bowls on a country lane, police say.Officers say the activity has been taking place on Bulls Lane in Welham Green, near Hatfield, Hertfordshire, which has a 60mph speed limit.The aim of the game, which can last for several hours and involve 40 people, is to throw a metal ball along a winding road in as few throws as possible.”We will now take further action if the game continues,” said Sgt Steve Hynes.More on this and other stories from Beds, Herts and Bucks”I would urge the public to help us put a stop to this dangerous pastime by reporting to us when they witness it happening,” he added.According to the Irish Road Bowling Association, the sport is played with a 793.8g (28oz) solid iron bowl, or ball, with a circumference of approximately 18cm.Competitors attempt to throw the ball over a predetermined distance, with the winner the first to reach the finish line in the least number of shots.
Source: BBC Beds