Home news Police to use dangerous cyclist film in Hertfordshire schools

Police to use dangerous cyclist film in Hertfordshire schools


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Police officers are to visit schools with footage of a boy being thrown off his bicycle in as a warning to pupils.The original video, posted on social media by Lesley Hooper, of Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, shows her son, 14, performing a “wheelie” on his bike on the wrong side of the road.She posted it to warn other people about the dangers of this “game”.Hertfordshire Police said it had the “full support” of Mrs Hooper to share the footage.

The force said while it had not received an official report of the incident, believed to have taken place in St Albans, it had been made aware of the footage via social media and had “made contact with the boy and his parents to give him words of advice around his behaviour”.’Very real risk’Insp Adam Such said footage would be used during police visits to schools.”Luckily in this instance, the boy was not seriously hurt but there is a very real risk that this practice could have tragic circumstances if it goes wrong,” he said.”If you are a parent, I would urge you to discuss this incident with your children and reiterate how much danger they are putting themselves in if they are taking part in this type of behaviour.”At the time, Mrs Hooper said she was thankful her son was only bruised, but feared other people could be seriously hurt or killed.”Please, if you have teenagers, show them this video and how dangerous this game can be,” she said.She has since defended her actions in posting the video, saying: “He is not a child that posts onto Facebook or Instagram to get likes and nor do I… The post was made to stop an accident and not for any other reason.”
Source: BBC Beds