Home news Hunt for murderer who absconded from HMP Spring Hill

Hunt for murderer who absconded from HMP Spring Hill


Police are hunting a convicted murderer among three prisoners who have absconded from a jail.Nicholas Redding, 45, has been on the run from HMP Spring Hill in Buckinghamshire since 19 November.He was sentenced to life for murdering his neighbour by tying him to a chair, battering him with a hammer and slashing his throat with a saw in 1994.Convicted drug dealer James Vaughan and aggravated burglar Barry Anderson have also absconded from the open prison.Redding, who carried out the killing in Yeovil, Somerset, is described as white, 6ft tall, with a slim build and dark brown hair. He is blind in his right eye which appears opaque.He has a West country accent and links to Dorset, Wiltshire and Avon.

Anderson, 41, went on the run on 15 November. Police say he has connections to Milton Keynes, Sheffield and Gateshead.He was jailed in 2011 after robbing a partially blind 89-year-old man in his bed while holding secateurs to his throat.Vaughan, 37, who absconded on 20 November, has links to Sussex, Birmingham and Kent.Police have advised people not to approach any of the men but to contact 999 instead.
Source: BBC Beds