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Games of Thrones: Hertfordshire University hosts academic conference


Fantasy TV series Game of Thrones will come under the scrutiny of scholars at an international academic conference.Experts from countries including Australia, Denmark and New Zealand will speak at the two-day event, being held at the University of Hertfordshire.Topics including the show’s huge fan base and copyright issues will be discussed on Wednesday and Thursday.Organiser Kim Akass said the two-day event would mark the show’s “place in TV history”.The senior TV and film lecturer said her university decided to hold the conference as the cult show was a “21st Century TV phenomenon”. “Game of Thrones has become the biggest globally watched series and has entered into popular consciousness in a way unmatched by previous series,” she said.”The fact that Game of Thrones is the most pirated TV series ever has not impacted on the official viewing figures.” The fantasy epic is based on George RR Martin’s best-selling books.A society dedicated to the writer will also be launched during the event at the university’s Hatfield campus.

The TV series, which was first broadcast in 2011, had its seventh season aired simultaneously this summer in the US on HBO and UK on Sky Atlantic. According to the Radio Times, almost three million people watched what is the penultimate season’s premiere in the UK.

Game of what?The show is based on a series of books by George RR Martin called A Song of Ice and Fire and charts the struggle of noble families fighting for control of land called Westeros
The fantasy epic draws on historical events such as 15th Century England’s Wars of the Roses
The series has been filmed in a string of locations including Croatia, Iceland, Morocco and Northern Ireland
Its budget is among the biggest in TV, with the Blackwater episode said to have cost $8m (£6.14m)
The premiere for the seventh season is reported to have attracted 16.1 million viewers in the US
Game of Thrones – made by HBO – has been simultaneously broadcast in 170 countries since 2015

At the conference, devotees will get to hear insights into the show’s cult success, the death of key characters and its adaptation for adult colouring books.Following a string of computer hackings and shows being leaked ahead of broadcast, issues surrounding copyright will also be discussed.Anyone can attend, although most of the 35 places have now gone, organisers have said.It is not the first time the university has staged a conference on a cultural phenomenon – in 2015, it hosted a three-day event on werewolves.
Source: BBC Beds