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Drug dealers continued supplying cocaine after arrest and bail


Two men who continued to deal in cocaine after they were arrested and bailed have been jailed.James Smith, 26, of Orchard Drive, St Albans, who had £46,000 stashed at the house where he was living when arrested, was jailed for nine years.Garry Ross, 48, of Black Boy Wood, Bricket Wood, was jailed for six and a half years by St Albans Crown Court.A third man Michael Prevost, 31, of High Street, Kimpton, who dealt for them, got a four-year sentence.Smith and Ross were arrested on 10 December 2016 in Bricket Wood. Officers then went to Chequers Field, Welwyn Garden City, where Smith was living with his girlfriend and found £46,000 along with designer clothes, watches and furniture.Smith was remanded in custody, but Ross carried on their drug-dealing business. Smith was granted bail in February and continued to trade.’Advertising texts’Prosecutor Daniel Siong said texts revealed the massive amounts of money they were making. In one, Ross said he had made £2,590 in a single evening.Between October and December 2016 he sent 3,000 advertising texts which could have netted him deals worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.In April, Ross was arrested again and Smith was arrested in July at his mother’s home in St Albans. Both were found to have drugs and money and were remanded in custody.Smith, said to be the head of the operation, admitted two offences of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and admitted two charges of possessing criminal property.Ross admitted one charge of possessing criminal property and having an article with a blade or point.Prevost, one of a number of street dealers used by the pair, admitted conspiracy.
Source: BBC Beds