Home news Bedfordshire council 'runs out' of storm drain covers

Bedfordshire council 'runs out' of storm drain covers


A council has “run out” of replacement storm drain covers after dozens were stolen in the space of a few days.Sixty-nine metal grates – which cost £300 each – were taken from Dunstable and Houghton Regis.Councillor Ian Dalgarno said Central Bedfordshire District Council was struggling to keep up and its supply of plastic replacements had been “exhausted”.The cost of the thefts has been estimated at about £20,000.”The price of scrap metal is going through the roof, and people are being incentivised to actually go and sell these again,” Mr Dalgarno said.

“[We’re] replacing them as quick as we can,” he said. Bedfordshire Police has been asked to comment.It is not the first time the problem has occurred, in May the council reported 40 covers had been stolen. There was also a similar flurry of thefts in Reading in June.
Source: BBC Beds