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?Looking after staff is a 'clear' priority for Luton firm…


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Six months on, we are catching up with the winners of BoS’ first Bedfordshire Business Awards 2016. This week we met up with Gavin O’Brien from Clearhead – the Best Place to Work winner

BIRTHDAYS off and beer in the work fridge.

It sounds like a dream but it is a reality for those who work at Clearhead – a filmmaking agency that has created content for companies from around the world.
Led by Gavin O’Brien and Alex Lawrence, the company has made a name for itself in the industry – and Gavin credits this to their working environment.
He told BoS: “A good working environment has always been important to Alex and I, as we have worked at places in the past where they say they value and look after their staff, but they really don’t. This builds resentment and people aren’t willing to go the extra mile.”
So Clearhead supports its staff with some innovative methods – such as guaranteed time off for big occasions, an open plan environment and even snacks and a beer fridge.
Gavin said: “If a team has the things they need to work well then they will work happier and better. We have a stocked beer fridge and snacks. Everyone gets their birthday off and Christmas and we also ensure everyone’s health insurance is fully covered.
“We pride ourselves on looking after our staff and the environment we’re in and we have even noticed other companies – not just those in our field – following suit.”
And it was this attention to the personal details of a working environment and ensuring staff are happy which saw Clearhead win our Best Place to Work award last November.
Gavin said: “Winning a Bedfordshire Business Award in its first year was brilliant – especially coming into our tenth year.
“We have added the win to the bottom of our signatures on emails and it has also helped us engage in discussions with other award winners and even helped recruitment.”
And since the win the firm has taken on some huge projects, filming in places like New York – and has more overseas work in the pipeline.
Gavin said: “We have picked up contracts all around the country for top universities and even mobile games companies based in China. This is a very exciting time for us.”

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